Sutton Manor with Dream sculpture

Bold Forest Park is an evolving idea to develop the woodlands and businesses of south St.Helens as a place to visit and enjoy, bringing local jobs and prosperity.


The Forest Park area (see map) straddles the M62 between Junctions 7 and 8. At its heart are areas of community woodland planted at the former colliery sites of Colliers Moss, Clock Face and Sutton Manor. The proposed park boundary also takes in woodland at Wheatacre, Maypole and Griffin Wood and a wider area of urban fringe farmland.

Achievements so far:

The natural environment of the Forest Park area has made huge strides over the past 20 years, and is now home to the Dream sculpture and a range of attractive young woodlands and green spaces to explore:

Timeline from the 1991 closure of Sutton Manor colliery to 2009 launch of the Dream sculpture

Looking forward – What would you like to see?

The future of the Forest Park could potentially involve some of the following features – which do you think would be best to attract people to the Forest Park and support the local economy?
Montage of potential activities including canoeing and a climbing wall